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A large international team of researchers have discovered small molecule compounds that have proven effective in treating malaria in mice.In their treatise published in the journal Scientific translation medicine, The group states that previous tests have shown that the parasite behind malaria infection (Plasmodium falciparum) also has difficulty developing resistance to the compound.

As researchers in this new initiative point out, previous studies by many groups around the world dramatically reduced both malaria infections and deaths between 2000 and 2015, but in 2016. Since then, the infection rate has been Parasite The causes of malaria have developed resistance to drugs developed to kill them. This has led researchers to look at anti-malaria drugs that kill parasites through other mechanisms.

In this new initiative, researchers have taken a different approach than the usual screening methods. Instead, they began their research by focusing on the few compounds currently produced by pharmaceutical companies. More specifically, they began by examining 800 compounds manufactured by the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, which is known to act on human targets such as cells of cancerous tumors. They point out that such an approach was chosen. Compound It may target cells needed by Plasmodium malaria.

Researchers then embarked on a thorough screening process that included exposing the Plasmodium to each compound included in the study and observing whether it was killed. Their efforts have paid off. They discovered a compound called MMV688533 that kills parasites. Then make the compound more soluble and Intestinal tract When introduced as a single-dose pill.

In compound testing, researchers found that it was effective in treating malaria in mice with a single oral dose, had immediate effects, and was effective in killing Plasmodium falciparum. .. Further studies, including multiple doses over a long period of time in infected mice, have shown that parasites have difficulty developing resistance to the compound-and when that finally happens, more than anyway. High dose killed it.

Further testing of the compound is required to prove that it is safe for general use. malaria.. It is currently being tested in Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia.

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James M. Murithi et al, Antimalaria MMV688533, offers the possibility of single-dose treatment with a high barrier to parasite resistance of Plasmodium falciparum. Scientific translation medicine (2021). DOI: 10.1126 / scitranslmed.abg6013

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