New York Governor Kathy Hochul Closely Monitoring Staffing Situation In Hospitals

The health infrastructure in New York is being tested at the moment as the COVID cases continue to surge at a gradual pace. New York Governor Kathy Hochul revealed that she and her team were monitoring the staffing requirements in hospitals very closely. Moreover, she assured everyone that her team has a plan to increase the staff in case there is a shortage. Moreover, she said, “We are still in a battle against COVID to protect our loved ones, and we need to fight with every tool at our disposal. I am monitoring the staffing situation closely, and we have a plan to increase our health care workforce and help alleviate the burdens on our hospitals and other health care facilities.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul
Source: CNBC

Kathy Hochul Urges Healthcare Workers To Get Vaccinated

Hochul has passed a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers and many workers are refusing to take the vaccine. Many might resign from their job in protest as they feel it steps into their freedom of making the choice. However, Hochul has urged healthcare workers to take the vaccine and cut down the risk of spreading the virus inside the hospital. Furthermore, Hochul said, “I commend all of the health care workers who have stepped up to get themselves vaccinated, and I urge all remaining health care workers who are unvaccinated to do so now so they can continue providing care.”

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