Nick Cannon Reveals He Was Very Serious About Kim Kardashian

Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian were a thing in the past but it did not work out in the end. In a recent interview, Nick revealed that he was very serious about Kim. He said, “I was really into her, I was vibing. We were on some serious shit.” As per Nick, the relationship was getting serious but Kim denied in 2007 that the two were in a serious relationship. Nick was previously married to singer Mariah Carey and shares two children with her. He is a father to seven children.

Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian
Source: Us Weekly

Nick Cannon Reveals Why He Broke Up With Kim Kardashian

Nick revealed that he broke up with Kim because of her sex tape with Ray J. The two were dating when Kim’s sex tape with Ray got leaked. When Nick asked about it to Kim, she denied it completely. Nick said, “She broke my heart. Then, it started being these rumours going around that it was this tape. When I asked her about it, she denied it.”

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