Nicole Kidman Thinks She Was Too Candid During Her Time With Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were once one of the biggest celebrity couples in Hollywood. They were married for 11 years before the two decided to go separate ways with their life. Nicole has always tried to remain silent about that time but she opened about it recently. She recalled the time and believes that she was too open about her relationship at that time. She said, “I was young. I think I offered it up? Maybe I’ve gotten a bit more trepidatious, but I’m always trying to be as open as possible. I just prefer to live in the world that way.”

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Source: People

Nicole Is Very Private About Her Past Relationship With Tom Cruise

Nicole has always been very quiet about her relationship and marriage to Tom Cruise. She thinks it is important to respect the personal space Tom and prefers not to talk about it. She was once asked about her oldest daughter, whom she shares with Tom. She replied at that time, “I’m very private about all that. I have to protect all those relationships. I know 150% that I would give up my life for my children because it’s what my purpose is.”

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