Shaq Understands People Who Have Not Taken The Vaccine Yet

Shaq recently came on an interview and talked about a variety of topics which included the COVID vaccine. While many have already taken both doses of vaccine, there are people who have not taken a single dose yet. Unlike most vaccinated people, Shaq is not angry at those who are yet to take the vaccine. Instead, he understands their point of view. Moreover, he said, “We all have the right to make our own decision. We all have the right to say what we want. And sometimes when it doesn’t align up how it should line up, people have a problem with that. I’m at a point in my life now where I understand all the issues.”

Source: Forbes

Shaq Doesn’t Criticize Unvaccinated People

Shaq revealed that he now tries to keep an all-round view of everything. That is also the reason why he doesn’t lash out at those people who have not taken the vaccine. He said, “So I don’t criticize guys. If that’s your stand, that’s your stand. I understand and I respect you, but not going to bash you about it.”

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