Nuhash Humayun, the son of Humayun Ahmed, was the winner. His short film ‘Moshari’ was nominated for a South-West Film Festival award. At this festival, Nuhash Humayun’s film has been nominated for the Jury Award Midnight Short.

It was declared in Texas, USA, on Wednesday (March 16). On March 13, the film was screened at the festival. The matter was confirmed to the media by Nuhash Humayun. The details are also available on the festival’s website.

‘Moshari’ has been the subject of numerous discussions since the start of construction. Anora, Nuhash’s niece, is one of them. Sheila Ahmed is his mother’s name. Acting in a number of plays, including ‘Aaj Rabibar,’ has garnered him a lot of fans.

Anora played a little artist in one of the film’s two main protagonists. Sunerah Binte Kamal, the famous star of ‘No Darai,’ is the other character.

The film was made in 2019, according to the information available. It was created with the intention of being sent to various festivals around the world. It will have its world premiere at the South by South-West Film Festival, according to him.

According to Nuhash Humayun, the story of two sisters ended with the world’s destruction. Little-Big Production House is in charge of the film’s production. The producers are Bushra Afrin and Nuhash Humayun.

The film’s plot is disturbing. Apu and Ira are the names of the two sisters. The earth is depopulated by a murderous insect, as portrayed in the story. In Dhaka, the last two persons are still alive. Apu and Ira are their names. They eventually discover that the Moshari is a tool to help them survive the blood-sucking insects!

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