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Olivia Wilde Opens Up On A Horrible Advice She Got As A Director From A Famous Actor !



Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde Goes For A Thriller In Second Directorial

Olivia Wilde is working hard for her next directorial movie. After her first movie, Olivia has decided to go for a thriller this time. Olivia is a director who takes no bullshit from any actor. This was the reason why she fired Shia LaBeouf in the first place. Olivia did not like the attitude of Shia and decided to fire him. He was eventually replaced by former One Direction member Harry Styles. Olivia has another policy of not keeping any difference between actor and crew members. Moreover, she stands by her policy very strongly.

Olivia Wilde Shia LaBeouf

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Olivia Wilde Reveals She Once Got A Terrible Advice From A Famous Actor/Director

Olivia Wilde revealed that a very famous actor and director gave her very shitty advice when she turned director. However, it helped Olivia a lot as a director as it underlined for her what she should not do as a director. She said, “Someone, who’s a very established actor and director in this industry, gave me really terrible advice that was helpful, because I just knew I had to do the opposite.”

Olivia Wilde Reveals The Advice She Got

Olivia went on to open up about the advice she got. As per that, she revealed that the actor/director asked her to get into fights to show authority. However, that is something Olivia tries to avoid as a director. Moreover, she said, “They said, ‘Listen, the way to get respect on a set, you have to have three arguments a day. Three big arguments that reinstate your power, remind everyone who’s in charge, be the predator.’ That is the opposite of my process. And I want none of that.”

Olivia Wilde

Source: Deadline

Olivia Dating Her Movie Lead Harry Styles

Harry Styles will be playing the central character of Olivia’s movie. However, their relationship has gone beyond that of actor and director. They have been dating for quite some time now. Pictures of the two holding hands went viral many weeks back.

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