The daily Covid-19 caseload in India, which is currently around 7,500 infections, is expected to rise once the Omicron replaces Delta as the dominant variant, according to members of the National Covid-19 Supermodel Committee, who also predicted that the third wave would arrive in India early next year.

India will see Omicron’s third wave, according to Vidyasagar, who is also the head of the National Covid-19 Supermodel Committee. However, the third wave would be milder than the second wave.

“In India, the third wave is expected to come early next year. Because the country already has widespread immunity, it should be milder than the second wave. There will, without a doubt, be the third wave. We’re now averaging roughly 7,500 instances each day, with that number expected to rise if Omicron begins to supplant Delta as the main variation “ANI quoted him as saying.

Vidyasagar, a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Hyderabad, believes that India will experience fewer daily cases than the second wave.

“It’s quite improbable that the third wave will have a higher number of daily cases than the second. Please keep in mind that the Indian government just began vaccinating ordinary Indians (i.e., non-front-line personnel) on March 1, which was right around the time the Delta variety was discovered. With the exception of frontline workers, the Delta variant infected a population that was completely unvaccinated.”

“Now we have sero-prevalence of 75 percent to 80 percent (prior exposure), first dose for 85 percent of adults, both doses for 55 percent of adults, and a “reach” for the pandemic of 95 percent (meaning that only a tiny fraction of the public has not come into contact with the virus),” he continued, “and a “reach” for the pandemic of 95 percent (meaning that only a tiny fraction of the public has not come into contact with the virus

“As a result, the third wave will have fewer daily cases than the second wave. We’ve also beefed up our capacity as a result of that experience, so we should be able to handle it with ease “he stated

The number of cases would be determined by two parameters, each of which is unknown at this time, according to the IIT professor. “First, to what extent does Omicron bypass natural immunity gained from past Delta exposure?” he asked.

He stated the second reason as follows: “Second, to what extent does Omicron circumvent the protection acquired by vaccination? We created numerous “scenarios” supposing (for example) that 100% vaccination protection continues, 50% vaccine protection persists, or all vaccine protection disappears. The same goes for escaping natural immunity. We estimate the number of cases that could arise for each scenario.”

In the worst-case scenario, according to Vidyasagar, India will not have more than two lakh instances every day if the third wave strikes.

“These are projections, not predictions, as I emphasize. Once we understand how the virus is behaving in the Indian population, we may begin making predictions. According to our simulations, the number of cases per day remains below 1.7 to 1.8 lakh in the worst-case scenario, which includes the entire loss of vaccine-induced immunity and maximal loss of naturally produced immunity. This is less than half of the second wave’s peak value.”

“India is anticipated to report one lakh to two lakh instances per day, which will be less than the second wave,” Maninda Agrawal, the panel’s other member, told News Media.

Agrawal explained that the UK has high vaccination penetration (although largely with mRNA vaccines) but low sero-prevalence, which explains the record spike in Covid-19 infections.

“India has a high sero-prevalence rate, which provides a significant amount of natural immunity, as well as a high vaccine penetration rate. The UK also has an older population, as well as greater obesity and other health issues. This is why the UK had 93,045 instances yesterday, whereas India had 7,145 cases, despite having 20 times the population. People trying to predict what would happen in India based on what is occurring in the UK, in my opinion, are making a tremendous mistake.”

“When we look at South Africa, notably the Gauteng Province, where Omicron was first discovered, we notice a trend of a high increase in cases, but not so much in hospitalizations, which have now begun to plateau. South Africa’s condition is the polar opposite of that of the United States, which has low vaccine penetration but high sero-prevalence (India, as previously stated, has both characteristics at high levels) “he stated

“It enables us to distinguish between vaccination and spontaneous immunity. However, due to highly different levels of natural immunity in the two nations, the effect of Omicron in the UK cannot be immediately translated to India “Agarwal stated.

The panel assumes that Omicron transmission has already begun in the community.

“Simply continue to act in a COVID-approved manner. Prevention is preferable to treatment “Vidyasagar said.

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