One Plus Nord10 And N100 Specs Leaked, Great Deal Indeed!

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Two Mid-range Phones From One Plus

One Plus made a huge buzz with its first mid-range phone a few days back. One Plus Nord was a great successor of the company and sold widely. The phone is everything one needs in a mid-range phone and is 5g enabled.

Now recent speculations suggest that the selling of mid-range phones by the company is not yet done. And very soon they will launch a few more models within budget. Shortly after the launch of Nord, the specs are in the air, and now there is a significant leak on One Plus Nord10 and N100.

Features And Prices

Though one of the phones is 5g enabled and the chipsets are different for the phones. While One Plus Nord10 will be available in 765g, N100 will come with 690 chipsets. The chipsets vary in both the phone because of the different price tags on the phones.

According to the specs, Nord10 is most likely to be of $400, and N100 will be of $200. And that’s the reason for the variation of chipsets. But it hardly matters as 5g is yet to reach and they will come with all the latest specifications.

One significant development in the Nord10 and N100 is that it is going to back with the headphone jack. Yes, One Plus removed the 3.55 mm headphone jack in the latest budget phone and the significant set back in Nord. Though it did not affect the sale of the first mid-range phone of One Plus, indeed people did not like the idea.

Great Deals According To Your Budget

And that’s why One Plus is bringing the headphone jack back. So the new budget One Plus is pretty much all you need. Apart from that, the display will also be different from one 90hz refresh rate other than is LCD. Both the phones will be able with fast charges, respectively of 4000 mAh and 4000 mAh.

One Plus

Also, the cameras will vary in the phones according to their price. The new One Plus budget phones are supposed to be a great deal with such features and price points. So those who are having a tight budget can go for N100 and others can go for One Plus Nord10.

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