Parenting is a skill that must be practiced. When people have children, they always attempt to prove that they are the best for them, no matter what. However, in recent years, two types of parenting have emerged: protective parenting, which entails being extra cautious with children and shielding them from all forms of pain and suffering, and hard knock parenting, which entails being extra difficult with children in order to prepare them for the harsh world that awaits them.

“Neither of these parenting techniques produces healthy, resilient, confident adults,” says Psychologist Nicole LePera. Children learn to distrust themselves in both circumstances. In both circumstances, a parent is teaching kids instinctively that the world isn’t safe. “You’re not safe”.

Nicole went on to say that positive parenting is allowing the child to navigate the natural paths of life on their own, while the parents may stand as a solid pillar for them to come to and be pleased when they succeed, or be their shoulder to cry on when they are rejected. A youngster will experience a variety of heartbreaks throughout his or her life, ranging from rejections to failures to bullying. Parenting entails creating a safe environment in which the child may return and express their feelings to their full potential.

Trauma strikes a child not when they experience failures and misery in life, but when they lack a safe environment in which to express their feelings and communicate about their profound worries and frightening thoughts. Children who learn to manage life on their own grow up to be responsible, self-assured individuals who can form good adult relationships with others. “This is how kids learn to believe in themselves.” This is how they have a secure bond with their parents,” Nicole explained.

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Nicoe also had a recommendation for parents: instead of trying to shield their children, they should aim to establish a safe environment in which they can succeed, fail, grow, and nurture themselves as they navigate through life’s natural consequences.

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