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People Making Fun Of Trump For Testing Positive. Check Out Trump’s Response!



Donald Trump & Melania Trump

People Making Fun Of Trump For Testing Positive. Check Out Trump’s Response!: In the middle of the election tension. Every day a different problem is arising. With the biggest headline, today being that Donald Trump and First Lady testing positive for the coronavirus. The news was very shocking to everyone in the world. With some sending beat wishes to others making it a joke.

Donald Trump And First Lady Tested Positive.

White House official Dr Sean Conley confirmed this evening that both President Donald Trump and wife First Lady have tested positive for the coronavirus. The news was then received by ABC news.


Soon after they got the news of them testing positive, the couple decided to stay at their home in the White House. They choose to quarantine themselves for at least 14 days.

via Twitter

Donald Trump, after the positive report, made a tweet. In the tweet, he informed all the American citizens that he has tested positive along with his wife. He wishes the immediate recovery and has quarantined already.

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The First Lady also took to Twitter to show her concern. She shares the same news to the world as well and expects immediate recovery. Dr Conley from the White House also assures everyone that the president and wife will recover soon.


Soon after the news came out, it became top and trending on twitter. The #Trumphacovid went viral on the internet. With many wishing the best to him and his wife. Whereas, others making fun of him. There’s no doubt in the fact that many people have a problem with trump after his recent actions. However, people went crazy, making fun of him. What do you think about it?

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