One thing is certain in this uncertain year: performance marketing is more important than ever.

As consumer tastes, tech, and marketing tactics all become more sophisticated, performance marketing is where your company can get a real-time ROI measurement. 

While branding and design agency partners will always be important, the need for a specialized performance marketing agency will drive both short and long-term online growth for brands.

What Exactly is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing refers to online marketing and advertising campaigns that are targeted at and motivated by a specific action. A CTA (Call To Action) can be triggered by a sale, a lead, a click, or anything in between.

While some performance marketing companies charge a commission or referral fee for each lead, others use the traditional ‘percentage of media spend’ model while still concentrating on the conversion goal.

What Makes Hiring a Performance Marketing Agency Important?

Analytics and attribution are important, no matter which industry or sector you belong to.

For this reason, having a goal-driven agency by your side is essential. It’s necessary because brand marketing managers can use analytics, attribution, and channels to report real-time results and claim credit for the traffic and sales they generate. 

The identified channels also help convert sales or build a prospect list via an email marketing lead capture form.

What to Look for While Hiring a Performance Marketing Agency?

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a performance marketing agency to work with:

Expertise in Multiple Channels 

Whether it’s affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, high conversion web design, paid marketing, or a combination of the above, businesses generally rely on agencies to deliver results in traffic, leads, and/or sales.

A holistic background in both marketing strategy and driving performance is an important consideration when choosing an agency.

It is important to note that while these channels are distinct, they do not function independently.

As a result, a dependable performance marketing agency with a track record of complete performance marketing management is required.

Protective of Your Brand

Getting quick results should never come at the expense of jeopardizing the brand’s image.

Check that your agency understands your brand and the target market.

Prada, for example, could significantly increase quantitative sales by lowering prices or offering generous affiliate commissions; however, the brand image it has built would suffer as a result.

Before you sign anything, make confident that your performance marketing agency fully understands your brand.


Do you want to work with an agency that uses the same strategy for all of its accounts, or one that thinks beyond the Adwords interface to find strategic opportunities? 

A good performance marketing agency will advise you to improve landing page conversions, dig deep into your analytics to uncover insights, and suggest new channels to supplement and grow your volume.

Bringing on a performance marketing agency with multi-channel marketing expertise as well as a holistic background in marketing strategy can significantly improve your marketing results while also saving time and money and, most importantly, providing a high return on investment.

AdLift is one of the most trusted online marketing agencies in India, devising measurable and effective end-to-end digital marketing strategies for some of the biggest brands in the country.

So, wait no more. If you’re looking for a performance marketing agency that can help your business gain awareness and leads, visit their website today!

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