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Prince Harry Blames Social Media For The Capitol Building Attack !



Prince Harry

Prince Harry Wants A Remodelling Of Digital World

Prince Harry never walks away from giving his opinion. Moreover, he and Meghan have been away from social media for quite some time now. He is of the opinion that the current digital world is not ideal. However, what he suggests is a remodeling of the digital space. Moreover, he said, “We have seen time and again what happens when the real-world cost of misinformation is disregarded. There is no way to downplay this.”

Prince Harry

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Prince Harry Uses Capitol Building Attack To Show Negative Aspect Of Social Media

Prince Harry feels the social media is a very toxic space even though it comes with a lot of positives. To cite an example, he mentioned the attack on Capitol Building in the US and how it was organized through social media. Moreover, he said, “There was a literal attack on democracy in the United States, organized on social media, which is an issue of violent extremism.” The attack was condemned all over the world with most of the Americans blaming Trump for it.

Prince Harry Feels Social Media Is Not The Ultimate Modern Day Public Square

Prince Harry feels people have made Twitter the ultimate place to express opinions. However, he does not feel it is the ultimate modern-day public square. Moreover, he said, “I’m not saying we should abandon technology in favor of Speakers’ Corner. Rather, it’s that we should avoid buying into the idea that social media is the ultimate modern-day public square and that any attempt to ask platforms to be accountable to the landscape they’ve created is an attack or restriction of speech.”

Prince Harry

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Harry Says His Final Say On Social Media

Harry ultimately concluded what he felt about social media. He said, “I think it’s a false choice to say you have to pick between free speech or a more compassionate and trustworthy digital world,” he said. “They are not mutually exclusive.”

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