Many people still find it hard to talk about good or bad mental health, but the topic has become more open over time, and we are learning that it is just as important as taking care of our physical health. 

Not only does having a strong, powerful, and healthy mind make you feel good, but it also makes you happier, more productive, better able to deal with stress, and more likely to have stable personal and professional relationships. All of these things are important so that you can be more successful at what you want to do and keep a good quality of life.

Alice Boyes, PhD, of Psychology Today says that when our mental health isn’t good, we can fall deeper and deeper into a spiral of negativity, depression, and discomfort. We can also become more and more isolated and shut the doors that we need to open to get help and move forward, but there is something we can do to change, or at least stop things from getting worse.

Boyes says that we can ask ourselves some self-reflective questions to improve our mental health, get rid of negative thoughts, feel less alone, and become stronger.

5 things you should ask yourself for good mental health

Boyes says in his article for Psychology Today that this can help us see that not everything is bad, notice small successes, and even be thankful for the good things we have, no matter how small they are. they’re so great This also helps you stop thinking about bad things all the time.

Who do you think would be interested in hearing from you?

To stop feeling lonely, we need connections. This doesn’t mean we have to have a million friends, but we do need to know that we’re not alone, that there are people who care about us, and that it’s worth going up to them to make contact.

Boyes says that if you’re thinking about someone, it’s likely that they’re thinking about you too, so there’s nothing to lose by making the first move and trying to keep in touch.

What good things have you seen in people these days?

People say that the news is full of bad and sad things, but there are also a lot of good things that can make you feel better or give you hope in people.

Boyes says that you should look on the bright side, remember the people who have helped you, pay attention to the small good things that happen every day, recognize the courage in others, and enjoy their sense of humor and sense of wonder.

What things in nature can help you relax or calm down?

Many studies show that spending time in nature is good for your mental health, especially because it helps you relax and get away from your normal routine.

This is why it’s good to take a break, walk on the grass, or watch the sunset, rain, or snow—things you can’t stop or control and that happen on their own. This is also a good way to clear your mind and stop thinking about your problems for a while.

What things made by people do you think are beautiful?

Boyes says that noticing the beauty and goodness in the world is another way to improve mental health and well-being, and it doesn’t have to come from nature.

You can think of a building you like, a cute cafe, a piece of art, or a fashion collection. The important thing is that you can see that there are good things around you and that not everything is sad and dark. You can start with small things you see every day.


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