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Rami Malek Reveals The Life Lesson He Learned In The Sets Of Night At The Museum !



Rami Malek

Rami Malek Remembers The Time He Learnt From Robin Williams

Rami Malek recently came on The Jimmy Fallon Show. During the appearance, he recalled a time when he had a learning experience with his Night At The Museum co-star Robin Williams. He started of the story by recalling how Robin was acting oddly during one of the days of shoot. Moreover, Rami said, “We’re shooting at the British Museum at night and we have the place all to ourselves and Robin — you could tell something was happening with him. He would go on these riffs every once in a while and light up the world and you’d be like, ‘Oh my God. Who are you?’ And then dip back down into this other place.”

Rami Malek

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Rami Malek Reveals Robin Williams Was Pissed Of From Technology

Rami Malek revealed that Robin was upset about how people were neglecting face to face communication. Furthermore, Rami said, “And so I see him veer off and he walks off alone, and he’s just kind of staring at this massive rock in the British Museum. And I’m like, ‘Oh, man. What’s going on with him? Is he all right?’ ”

Rami Malek Shares A Moment With Robin Williams

Rami revealed that he followed Robin who was standing quietly in front of the Rosetta Stone. Moreover, Robin made him realize how lucky he was to be alone in front of Rosetta Stone was everyone else chose technology. Furthermore, Rami said, “I walk up to kind of say, ‘Is everything okay?’ And he looks at me, just kind of slightly over the shoulder, and he goes, ‘How often do you get to be alone with the Rosetta Stone?’ ”

Rami Malek

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Rami Learned To Embrace The Little Moments In Life

Rami feels that moment with Robin helped him to enjoy the little things in life and not give much weight to technology.

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