People have been forced to work from home due to an extraordinary catastrophe in the form of a pandemic. Work from home sounded like a welcome respite from the typical 9-5, but it came with its own set of obstacles. Work from home did not prove to be the relaxation that it was supposed to be, due to the extended working hours caused by the lack of a clear line between personal and professional life.

According to the CMR survey, Indians’ average screen time has climbed by 25%. In addition, 23% of respondents said their eyesight has deteriorated as a result of working longer hours.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science that focuses on restoring balance and healing the whole body.

Ritika Krit, Founder, Kamree, has given some key Ayurvedic herbs and techniques that people can employ in their daily life to reduce eye strain caused by electronics.

Icing or Sheeta Satmya: Icing, also known as Sheeta Satmya, is a condition in which the eyes become hot and the eyelids become dull and fatigued as a result of prolonged usage of electronics. Soak cotton balls in chilled milk or rose water and apply them to your eyes for a few minutes to counteract the effects of overwork. The workout will provide much-needed eye relief.

Palm Exercise: Palming, also known as palm exercise, is an old Ayurvedic method for massaging and relaxing the eyes. In a cupping gesture, rub your arms together for 10 seconds and place it over your closed eyelids. Avoid putting pressure on your eyes. Repeat the procedures 2-3 times while slowly inhaling and exhaling. The Ayurvedic exercise is wonderful for your eyes and also for getting a good night’s sleep.

Mudras: Mudras are basic hand gestures that are always considered a healing method. The majority of Mudras for enhanced vision can be performed while lying down and breathing normally. Diverse Mudras have different impacts on the body, and when paired with a breathing exercise, they can help restore body equilibrium while strengthening and repairing all required sections holistically.

Prana Mudra is one of the most common Mudras. Keep your spine erect and your body relaxed while practising Prana Mudra with open palms on your lap. For 15 minutes, connect the tip of your pinky finger to the tip of your thumb and breathe normally. The Mudra will help you see clearly and soothe irritated eyes.

Herbs for stronger eye vision

Fennel –

Fennel is high in Vitamin A and C and helps to sharpen your vision. You can drink it as tea or use it to clean your eyes with fennel water, which is soothing to the eyes.

Triphala –

Triphala is made up of three fruits: Haritaki, Amla, and Bibhitaki. It balances the body’s energy and is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which helps to reverse the indications of inflammation and oxidative stress.

The Ginkgo Biloba –

Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo Biloba) is a kind of Ginkgo Biloba is a Chinese herb that is particularly beneficial in the treatment of deteriorating vision.

Calendula – 

Calendula, often known as “Pot Marigold,” is an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial herb that aids in the treatment of eye disorders such as redness, swelling, mild irritations, and infections.

Almonds – 

 A good source of Vitamin E, which stimulates the growth of healthy tissues and good vision, almonds are the most prevalent component in Indian households.

Lifestyle Changes

  • 3-5 times a day, splash water on active facial nerves and arteries.
  • During meals, take a break from electronics.
  • Maintain a cool demeanour since anger and irritation cause the flow of blood to increase, enlarge the pupils, and create eye strain. Pranayama can also help you find more tranquilly in your daily life.
  • Showering with hot water might induce an imbalance of fire elements in the body. Instead, whenever possible, use lukewarm water.
  • When using electronics, wear protective spectacles to avoid direct contact with blue light.
  • In a dark room, avoid reading or using electronics.
  • It’s best not to massage your eyes too hard.

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