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Riverdale Star Vanessa Morgan Shares Exciting Pregnancy Details Amid Divorce.



Even though this year was one of the worst years in history, it is still bought joy to many peoples life. Especially celebrities and people having babies this year. Vanessa Morgan shared that she is very excited to have her baby made the divorce. She recently got divorced from her husband. as his husband divorced her after six months of marriage and the divorce reason isn’t clear to the audience yet. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Vanessa Morgan is famous for her character Toni in Riverdale. She was also one of the hottest character in the series. The 28-year-old recently got married and after six months of marriage, she was left all alone despite being pregnant. She was recently caught making several statements online which makes it’s pretty clear that she is very excited to have a baby in the world.

Vanessa And Kopech’s Relationship

In 2018 reports confirmed Vanessa Morgan and Kopech’s relationship. they dated for over a year and then got married in 2020. After which they lived together for six months and then Kopech filed a divorce against Morgan. The moment news of the divorce came up on the internet fans went crazy about it. At first people just couldn’t believe what was happening as the couple recently got married. and Vanessa was left alone during the pregnancy.

Picture via Instagram.

After the divorce claims fans started trolling her ex-boyfriend a lot. He sees the lot of backlash for doing what he did. However Vanessa didn’t react much to the whole situation and kept things to herself. But fans assured her immense love and support during her entire pregnancy journey. She received a lot of love appreciation and support from people all around the world including her family and friends.

Vanessa’s Response

Recently Vanessa‘s make up artist when asked about her made a few statements related to her pregnancy. The make up artist claimed that Vanessa is very happy and excited about her pregnancy. She also looking forward to have her baby soon. Moreover she can’t wait to have the baby. And she’s taking really good care of herself during the entire process.


when is also shared several snaps of herself flexing her baby bump. And let me tell you guys she was looking adorable in the pictures. If anything is called pregnancy glow then this definitely is. Fans showed immense love and support in her comment section saying that she is glowing and they are wishing the best for her. Several other fellow celebrities showed her support as well. We can expect Vanessa to give birth to her baby soon.


she even made statements on her Instagram claiming that she is very happy and she is looking forward to have her baby soon. Fans appreciate the fact that she’s a single mother now and she’s doing everything by herself that too with a happy spirit. What do you think about the whole situation?


Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show and celebrity.

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