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Rumer Willis On Smoking Addiction: “I tried quitting many times and it was hard to stick with it”



Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis Talks Of The First Time She Smoked Cigarette

Rumer Willis recently opened up about the fact that she was a smoker even thought she has quit it now. Moreover, she also went back in time to recollect the time she smoked for the first time. She was a teenager and did it as she thought it was a cool practice. Moreover, she said, “I tried my first cigarette when I was around 11 or 12. It always just looked cool. I would see actors in movies taking drags of cigarettes and it seemed like a very adult thing to do. I always wanted to be a cool adult when I was a kid.”

Rumer Willis

Source: Thrive Global

Rumer Willis Reveals The Reason Why She Quit Smoking

Rumer Willis revealed that smoking affected her voice and singing which prompted her to quit smoking. Moreover, she said, “I wanted to prioritize my singing career and smoking was affecting my voice. My breath control in my range and my voice in general was so much worse when I was a smoker. My health was of course important to me as well, but if every smoker prioritized their health over cigarettes then no one would smoke.”

Rumer Willis Admits It Was Hard To Quit Smoking

Rumer Willis admitted that she had a very hard time when she decided to give up smoking. Moreover, she said, “I tried quitting many times and it was hard to stick with it. One day, I finally felt like it was time to give up cigarettes for good. I started really hating the way my hair smelled and noticing the effects on my body and voice. ”

Rumer Willis

Source: Thrive Global

Rumer Has An Advice For People Trying To Quit Smoking

Rumer gave an advice to people who are trying hard to give up smoking. She said, “I think the best advice that I could give is that when you’re trying to quit, it shouldn’t be about quitting for someone else; it really has to be about a desire to do it for you and to change your life. It’s great if you’re using something like your kids as motivation, but it also really has to be about you deciding that this is what’s right for you.”


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