Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is determined to achieve its goals in the ongoing military operation in Ukraine. He also said that attempts to “isolate” western Russia in the wake of the operation would not succeed.

In a televised speech on Wednesday, Putin said: “The authorities in Kyiv want to develop nuclear weapons. Western countries have also assured Kyiv of assistance in this regard on several occasions.

“It was a real threat to Russia. Because, in the near future, with the help of the West, Kyiv’s neo-Nazi regime would have developed massively destructive nuclear weapons and certainly used them against us. ’

“But this intention will not succeed. Russia will achieve its goal in Ukraine.

Criticizing the u.S. and its allies for a series of sanctions imposed after the start of the operation in Ukraine, Putin said western countries had already prepared to impose sanctions on Russia and that they had used Ukraine’s military operation as an excuse.

“They have openly expressed their hostile attitude towards Russia. They don’t want to see Russia as a strong and sovereign state, but rather want a weak and dependent Russia as their choice. They want to divide this country and keep it in isolation. Under the guise of hypocritical talk, western states are trying to implement their cruel intentions. ’

“But that goal will never succeed. Because they have no idea about the history of Russia and the people of this country.

In his speech, the Russian president also addressed the general public of western countries. He said: “I also want to say something to the general public of western countries. The rulers or elites of those countries are preaching to the people of their own countries that Russia is responsible for the problems they are facing in their daily lives today. ’

“But the truth is that their rulers are responsible for the problems faced by the people of the West today. These elites have been busy defending their own interests and mattresses only for ages. They had no attention for the people. The ambitions of the regime, greed, lack of vision, and mistakes are now being paid by the common people of western countries. 

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