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Sacramento Sheriff: Cyclist hit by deputy’s patrol car

According to the sheriff’s office, the adjutant was answering the phone when they unknowingly hit the cyclist.

Car Michael, CA — Bikers Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Police Car..

Around 9 am on July 21, 30-year-old adjutant Was answering a phone call near 5300 blocks in Fair Oaks Boulevard Carmichael..Adjutant According to the report, a 65-year-old cyclist was driving on the road while driving a car. Facebook post from Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office..

The lieutenant returned to the biker, overcame the rolled curb, and pushed the biker over the sidewalk into some bushes. According to the post, they then drove away to answer the first call.

According to the CHP, narcotics and alcohol were not the cause of the crash for either party.

The lieutenant continued to answer the first call and did not stop until someone called the Sheriff’s Communication Center and reported that a pedestrian had hit the marked Sheriff’s SUV.

The sheriff’s office said the biker was taken to a local hospital and treated for an injury. At the time of the last report, they were stable with non-life-threatening injuries. The lieutenant was not injured and there was minor damage to the car.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office has not disclosed the identities of the biker and lieutenant at this time. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident, and the General Affairs Division of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

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