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San Antonio Police Officers Shoot 35-Year-Old Man In Backyard After Shooting Incident !

Police Officers Arrive At Shooting Incident In San Antonio

35-year-old Brian DeLeon shot a man in the backyard of a home. Police officers arrived at the crime scene only to find Brian standing in the backyard holding the gun. San Antonio Police released a statement narrating the whole incident in detail. Moreover, the statement said, “Officers were called to the home for a report of a shooting. The caller stated that the suspect, identified as 35-year-old Brian DeLeon, had shot a man in a shed in the backyard of the home and that DeLeon was still in the backyard, armed. The first officer arrived at the scene and witnesses told the officer there was a man fatally shot in the backyard, along with the gunman. The officer made contact with DeLeon in the backyard and promptly began demanding DeLeon drop the gun.”

San Antonio Police
Source: KSAT

San Antonio Police Officers And Brian DeLeon Fire Shots At Each

Other police officers soon came in as a backup to provide support. However, the two parties started firing shots at each other. After some time, Brian was hit by a gunshot and died later. Furthermore, the statement said, “Officers can be heard continuing de-escalation efforts when DeLeon pointed his weapon at the second responding officer, prompting her to fire a single round in his direction. Calls to get DeLeon to put down his firearm continued until there was an exchange of gunfire, which struck DeLeon. While DeLeon was injured, officers reported that he continued to reach for the gun. As such, officers continued to open fire until they felt the threat had stopped. DeLeon was pronounced dead at the scene.”

San Antonio Police
Source: KENS 5

San Antonio Police Finds Another Man Dead In Shooting Incident

After knocking down Brian, the police discovered another person injured by gunshot but was pronounced dead at the scene. “Officers also discovered a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the head in the shed in the backyard. That man, identified as Bobby Borrego, 49, was also pronounced dead at the scene,” said the statement.

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