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San Francisco Cafe Owner Struggles To Survive Pandemic And Tragedy

During the time of pandemic where millions of people have struggled financially, one such case is about the owner of ICafe in San Francisco. The cafe was one of the most ongoing Chinese cafes in the Chinatown area of San Francisco before the pandemic. But things are not going as they were for the cafe specially for the owner of the cafe. Reports mention that Zhang who is the owner of the cafe is struggling financially for the past four months. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Zhang shut her business as she was not getting any orders and was going in loss only. It all started when she lost her business partner to cancer and later not getting any funds from the government. She didn’t have enough funds to run the cafe by herself. And as the pandemic took a peak, things got worse for her as she started receiving no orders at all.

The Struggle

It is a very tough time for Zhang as this is the worst she has faced since 2013 when she first came to San Francisco to start her business. Through an interpreter, she mentions that it is not easy for a single woman to run her business when she has lost her business partner to cancer. Moreover, she mentioned that a lot of people in our community know that she is working as a single woman but has not offered any kind of help.

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Talking about the struggle story of this woman, she first came to San Francisco in 2013 from China. She came to start her dream business of opening up a cafe with Chinese food in the place. She came along with her business partner who was also a good friend of hers. Both started the business together and started selling traditional Chinese food that people loved there.

Zhang Didn’t Lose Hope

The business worked pretty well for them in the start and was growing up in the following years. However, recent times were pretty hard for her and her family. She didn’t get any funds from the government after she lost her business partner to cancer. She is financially not only struggling to sustain her business but also to manage her daily expenses living in a country like America. She claims that she has not lost hopes and will continue to work on her dream.

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