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San Francisco Police Department Arrests Car Owner Of Hit And Run Case !

San Francisco Police Department Makes Arrest In Hit And Run Case

The San Francisco Police Department has made an arrest in the hit and run case at Polk and Hyde. Moreover, a 29-year-old woman died due to the accident. Mayor London Breed took to Twitter to revealed that the owner of the car has been arrested. However, the owner of the car, Virgil Woods was the one who was arrested by SFPD. Furthermore, Breed said, “The @SFPD have made an arrest in the hit and run that happened on Tuesday at Polk and Hayes. Our hearts go out to the victims of this tragedy and I want to thank the Police Department for their work in this case.”

San Francisco Police Department
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Virgil Woods Booked With Multiple Charges For San Francisco Hit And Run Case

Virgil Woods was arrested at Bryant Street. The incident happened on May 18 and he was on the run for three days. Moreover, he has been booked for multiple charges like hit and run, gross negligence, etc. SFPD released a statement to give an update on the case. Furthermore, in the statement, the department said, “Woods was booked into the San Francisco County Jail on the following arrest charges, vehicular manslaughter – gross negligence (192 (c)(1) PC), vehicular manslaughter in the commission of an unlawful act (192 (c)(2) PC), two counts of felony hit and run (20001(a) VC), reckless driving (23103(a) VC), reckless driving resulting in bodily injury (23104 VC), reckless driving resulting in serious injury (23105 VC), failing to stop for a red traffic signal (21453(a) VC), filing a false police report (148.5 PC), destruction of evidence (135 PC), and possession of narcotics paraphernalia (11364 HS).”

San Francisco Police Department
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 Woods Changed His Clothes After Accident To Conceal Identity

Woods ran from the scene leaving his car on the accident spot. After leaving, he changed his attire to conceal his identity. He also filed a fake police complaint saying his car has been stolen. Moreover, the statement said, “At the time of his arrest, Woods was found in possession of several glass smoking pipes commonly used to ingest narcotics.

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