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San Francisco Restaurants Feel Relieved After Surviving Pandemic !

San Francisco Restaurants Relieved To Have Survived The Pandemic

San Francisco businesses are finally opening up without any restrictions. Restaurants and bars were crippled by the pandemic as people stopped their regular visits. Moreover, city guidelines often asked restaurants to close down or open at limited capacity. Now the restrictions have finally been removed and San Francisco businesses are relieved that they managed to survive the pandemic. Megan Cornelius, co-owner of Zazie restaurant in Cole Valley cannot believe that the pandemic is finally in the past. Moreover, she said, “It’s kind of unbelievable that the day is finally here. I have a feeling a lot of people feel that way. Anybody that’s been in this industry, for sure.”

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Some San Francisco Restaurants Remove Mask Mandate For Staff

Some of the restaurants in San Francisco have removed the mask mandate for the staff members. Zazie restaurant is one of them. This is because all the staff members of the restaurant have taken the vaccine. The city has now given restaurants the power to decide on whether they want to keep the mandate or not. Furthermore, Cornelius said, “We did. All our staff is vaccinated, so to us we’re protected. I mean, I’ve made copies of everybody’s vaccination card, so we have those on file for anyone that’s worried about it.”

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One Restaurant In San Francisco Did Not Open During The Pandemic At All

There are very few restaurants that have not opened at all during the pandemic in San Francisco. The 500 Club is one of them. Owner Ali Razavi is thrilled to open the restaurant and revealed that it was tough to survive with the restaurant closed. He further said, “It’s been a rough, rough ride. But we managed to pull it through. A lot of personal loans. A lot of help from the neighborhood. But most of my staff is coming back. It’s exciting, man. Just being able to be in here. It’s a temple here for us.”

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