San Francisco

San Francisco Weather Forecast- 15 June 2021

San Francisco Weather Forecast

San Francisco will see a moderate temperature today. The city will see a maximum of 66-degree Fahrenheit. The temperature might drop to 54-degree Fahrenheit. The weather in San Francisco will be mostly cloudy. However, a big rainfall is not expected anytime soon. Humidity will remain at 87 percent. Wind will blow at a speed of 12 mph. Tomorrow will be a much hotter day compared to San Francisco weather today. The entire week will be a mixture of hot and cloudy days and some relief might come in the way for San Franciscans in the form of precipitation. Here is a quick brief of weather in San Francisco:

  • Maximum- 66-degree Fahrenheit
  • Minimum- 54-degree Fahrenheit
  • Humidity- 87 percent


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