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Selena Gomez Balmes Twitter, Facebook And Instagram For The Chaos In America.



Selena Gomez once again bashed the biggest social media platforms and their CEOs first trading misinformation and hate. For those of you who don’t know about it, rights have been taking place in Washington DC. Trump supporters have come forward and I have created chaos in Washington. But the famous iconic celebrity Selena Gomez believes that Instagram, Twitter, Facebook is partially responsible for everything that is taking place. Moreover, she even attacks the CEOs of the platforms and claims that they do not take the initiative to stop the spread of negativity and fake news. Check out everything you need to know about it.


On Wednesday thousands of Trump supporters mobbed the Capitol in Washington DC. Rights have been taken place for a few days. Four women trump supporter even died after getting shot. Several Police suffered from the whole situation as well. It was a very unnecessary deadly act caused by the Trump supporters after Trump made hateful tweets about a representative from the White House.

The Chaos In The Capitol

After his tweets went viral the representative resigned his position and that is not added fuel to the fire. Hundreds of Trump supporter gathered on the first day when the whole incident took place later many other people joining them. The whole area of the Capitol was mobbed by them. It was a very violent act which the police then tried to take under control but failed to. Firing has been done and several people have been injured and even died. People think it was called Trump‘s fault as he made the hurtful tweets about the representative and cause the whole chaos.

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However, on the other hand, other celebrities have taken the responsibility to spread awareness and talk about the same. Talking about the violent act that involves hate. How can we not talk about Selena Gomez? Celina is not just a gorgeous iconic singer and Disney actress but she’s also an influencer who uses her voice in the right way. Selena Gomez after the capitol issue Took to the social media to announce that the social media platforms are partially responsible for the chaos in America.

Selena Gomez Takes Initiative

She blames the CEOs of these platforms for not taking any actions regarding it. And let the hate comments and misinformation spread like wildfire and then people believe it and get influenced by it. It is very harmful to people to get all these misinformation. Moreover, This is not the first time the 28-year-old has taken the initiative to raise your voice.


She has taken this initiative several times last year and now again. Especially during the elections when hit and miss information was all around the internet. Selena Gomez texted the CEOs on Instagram asking for help. She asked them to block people to spread misinformation and fake news on social media. Selena believed that during an election the misinformation can lead people in a wrong way and they can feel to choose the right person as a representative. However, she didn’t receive any response even then. What do you think about it?


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