Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) troops on Wednesday to work hard, be disciplined, and show patriotism in order to achieve any goal.

“Without hard work, dedication, and patriotism, achieving goals is impossible.” “I hope you are aware of this,” she continued.

The premier made the comment while speaking at the Air Force Base Bir Shreshtho Flt Lt Matiur Rahman, Jashore, where she was virtually participating from her official residence Ganabhaban, at the induction ceremony of GROB-120 TP aircraft to BAF.

“The professional’s fundamental identity is their professional skills… there is no replacement for professionalism and honesty,” she stated.

To ensure better and up-to-date aviation training for future generations of BAF, the government has already inducted state-of-the-art Fly-by-wire, YAK-130 Combat Trainer with digital cockpit feature, K-8W Jet Trainer, L-410 Transport Trainer, AW-119KX Helicopter Trainer, and various types of simulators, according to the head of government.

In addition, she stated today that 12 GROB-120 training aircraft will be incorporated in the BAF.

She stated that 14 more GROB-120 training aircraft will be added to the force’s fleet in the second phase this year.

“I firmly believe that the state-of-the-art GROB-120 training aircraft will play an effective role in the timely training of the young pilots,” the premier said of these additions, adding, “I firmly believe that the state-of-the-art GROB-120 training aircraft will play an effective role in the timely training of the young pilots.”

She went on to say that the air force would get the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System, Air Defense System Integration, Mobile Gap Filler Radar, K-8W Aircraft Simulator, Attack Helicopters, and other military equipment as soon as feasible.

Sheikh Hasina encouraged BAF members to be extremely careful when flying and maintaining the precious GROB-120 training aircraft that was purchased with the people’s hard-earned money.

Earlier, the prime minister was treated to a spectacular flyover by Grob G-120 TP training planes.

In response to a question about Bangladesh’s foreign policy, the prime minister stated that the country is a peace-loving nation that never wishes to go to war with anyone.

However, if Bangladesh is attacked by an external opponent, the country’s air force must be capable of safeguarding and protecting the country, she stressed.

Sheikh Hasina emphasized the importance of time-appropriate and modern training for air force personnel in this regard, as they will be required to work with foreign forces in the world arena.

She cited Bangabandhu’s 1974 “Defense Policy,” claiming that the modern and strong air force’s journey began with the incorporation of state-of-the-art supersonic MiG-21, AN-24 transport aircraft, Mi-8 helicopters, and air defense radars in light of that policy and Bangabandhu’s foresight and bold decision.

Following in the footsteps of the Father of the Nation, the premier stated that the Awami League government is working tirelessly to strengthen and modernize BAF.

BAF has already been outfitted with cutting-edge aircraft, helicopters, various types of radars, missiles, and other military equipment, as well as new bases, units, and training institutes, according to her.

The air force’s infrastructure is also being developed, she said, noting that the Bangabandhu Aeronautical Center was established for proper, safe, and cost-effective maintenance and overhauling of various types of aircraft, radars, and other equipment.

She continued, “Under the direction of this center, the BAF is actively modernizing numerous types of airplanes and helicopters with its own technology and staff.”

She went on to remark that BAF’s recent research into producing prototype airplanes in the country has given her hope.

According to the prime minister, the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Aviation and Aerospace University was formed with the goal of modernizing aerospace research, air force development, and civil aviation.

She stated the Father of the Nation’s desire was for the country’s military to have a modern, international-standard training academy, and that people from all over the world would come to see it.

She claims that today’s freshly constructed military, navy, and air force academies are part of the realization of his plan.

She stated that the members of the Bangladesh Armed Forces (BAF) who have represented Bangladesh in various UN missions have brought the country and the nation great pride and admiration.

The premier also lauded the BAF for setting a precedent in dealing with the Corona pandemic through their inventive ability and systematic approach.

Air Chief Marshal Shaikh Abdul Hannan, the Chief of Air Staff, was in attendance.

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