Do you recall where you were at this time last year? Vaccines have just recently been available in the developed world. Bangladesh’s vaccination policies, like those of other poor countries, are under doubt. There was no way of knowing whether Covid would rise or fall.

We’re back in the same predicament a year later, with the year 2022 ahead of us. Getting a booster shot is fraught with uncertainty. The risk of long-term epidemics has also been raised by Omicron.

Will Omicron, on the other hand, offer the planet a fresh death march in the new year? Will there be another lockdown? Is there going to be another disaster like the one that occurred in 2021 with the hospital and oxygen shortage?

“Looking at the worldwide scenario, we are still at a very hard time,” said Rasmus Beck Hansen, CEO of AirFiniti, a life science analytics startup. Infections are on the rise all across the world.

The severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Mike Ryan, the World Health Organization’s top emergency expert, could stop next year. The coronavirus, on the other hand, will not go away altogether.

There are a lot of questions regarding Omicron, as well. Is Omicron more contagious than Omicron? Will new vaccines and therapies be effective? Is there a new virus after Omicron, just as there was an Omicron after Delta?

Pharmaceutical companies are already racing to develop vaccinations and medications that can help prevent and treat Omicron. Pfizer-Biotech and Modern, two Covid vaccine makers, are working hard to develop effective vaccinations to prevent immunization. It is hoped that they would be able to develop an efficient vaccine against Omicron soon after the development of the mRNA vaccine.

Biotech CEO Ugur Sahin said at a press conference earlier this month:

Experts anticipate that by February or March, a vaccine capable of avoiding Omicron infection will be available.

According to a report published by AirFiniti, 6.7 billion vaccines would be produced globally by 2022. Bringing in new vaccination doses for Omicron, on the other hand, will lower production. It will be impossible to produce more than 5 billion in that circumstance. Many businesses will fail to manufacture new vaccines, and their products will be phased off of the market. Any new organization will have a lengthy time to get vaccines approved.

According to AirFiniti, there are now 356 covid vaccinations in clinical trials around the world. One hundred and seventy-five vaccinations are in clinical trials, with 41 in Phase three.

“There is no doubt that many individuals are afraid of needles and are hesitant to get the vaccine,” Beck Hansen said. As a result, we’re seeking anything that can be inhaled or swallowed.

“As we have already seen in 2021, we can expect some important advancements and scientific advances in 2022,” he stated.

Other options for covid therapy

With the introduction of Omicron, several businesses are working on new medications to treat Covid-19 patients. Antibody therapies approved by GlaxoSmithKline and Veer Biotechnology have been the most effective against Omicron so far. However, there is a supply shortage.

On the other hand, Regeneron and Lily are developing a treatment for the new variety. Regeneron CEO Lane Schleifer stated that the business will bring enhanced treatment to market within the first three months of 2022, which will be effective against numerous variations.

‘Before the next variety arises, this medication must be given to a large number of patients.’ He stated, “We have all of the new antibodies that can act against both Omicron and Delta.”

Antiviral malnupiravi has proven in preliminary studies to lower hospital admissions risk and mortality by up to 50%, however, the pill has not been very successful overall. Later, a more detailed assessment revealed that the danger has been decreased by up to 30%.

Due to market uncertainties and many restrictions imposed by Kovid, several businesses have had difficulties. Will the situation worsen due to Omicron, despite the fact that it improved slightly in 2021?

People now know how to do business, according to Glenn Hansinger of PWC, a business consulting firm. This, I believe, is the new normal in world management.

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