Afghan Evacuee Charged For Raping A Woman In Montana

An Afghan evacuee has been charged with raping a woman in Missoula, Montana. The name of the man is Zabihullah Muhmand who came from Afghanistan after the country was taken over by the Taliban. He was arrested after getting a 911 call from the victim and a nearby local motel. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte was the one who broke the news and called for concerns regarding the settlement of Afghan refugees. He said, “We support providing a home for our Afghan allies that have been fully vetted. We had a tragic situation with alleged sexual assault yesterday, with someone who arrived here in the state earlier this month.”

Accused Zabihullah Muhmand
Source: Fox News


Montana Governor Greg Gianforte Calls For Halt To Afghan Refugee Settlement

Governor Gianforte called for a pause on the resettlement of Afghan refugees in Montana. He has asked the Biden administration to first ensure that the refugees are fully vetted. As per him, the settlement of refugees can be a threat to the residents especially after the arrest of an Afghan evacuee for rape. He said, “I called on the Biden Administration. This individual did not have an SIV status, and I called on the Biden Administration to assure us that these refugees are fully vetted. It’s not clear to us that that occurred in this situation. So, we’re asking the Biden Administration to halt the placement of refugees here until they can assure us that the people that are being placed, our allies being placed here, are fully vetted.”

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