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New studies suggest that gestational age can affect a child’s academic performance, even at maturity. Studies have shown an association between gestational age and above-average rankings in many disciplines.

Research published in PediatricsCompared the results reported by teachers for 1,405 9-year-old children in the United States and analyzed the performance of mathematics, science, social research, language and literacy in children born between 37 and 41 weeks gestation. We found that longer gestational ages were significantly associated with average or above-average rankings in all areas. It also has worse results for children born early (37-38 weeks) and better results for children born late (41 weeks) compared to children born at maturity (39-40 weeks). Suggested a general pattern of. An interesting finding was that late childbirth was significantly associated with improved math results.

The findings emphasize the importance of gestational age, even among term infants, said Nancy E. Reichmann, a professor of pediatrics at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical College in New Jersey and one of the study authors. Stated.

“We hope that these findings will stimulate future research and data collection on this topic in order to build a more substantive evidence base. Especially in the United States, researchers educate the number of weeks of conception. We need more and better data that we can relate to, managing the results over the entire range of weeks of gestation and the associated potentially confusing factors. “

She said Reichmann’s team plans to further investigate the association between gestational age and cognitive and behavioral outcomes in children and young adults at various ages.

In addition, the study did not specifically relate the findings to obstetric intervention / induced delivery, but Reichmann said, “If you decide to intervene before delivery occurs naturally, consider the findings. You need to put it in. ” However, she added, “It is time to change the country’s recommendation to delay preterm birth to 39 weeks at this point, as there are relatively few studies on the relationship between gestational age and educational outcomes in children, especially in the United States. It’s too early .. ”

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Amanda Hedges et al., Gestational age and educational outcomes at age 9 Pediatrics (2021). DOI: 10.1542 / peds.2020-021287

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