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Sun Belt Conference encouraging, not mandating, COVID-19 vaccines

The Sunbelt Conference’s COVID-19 protocol for the 2020 football season clearly worked.

Of the 80 regular season conference games scheduled during the season, 79 were played. Texas has also become the first school to complete a complete schedule of 12 games at FBS.

But the same guidelines that helped Bobcat survive the fall are back in the spring to bite them. Dozens of players were locked out of practice, many due to false positive tests or contact tracing procedures. Head coach Jake Spavital estimated that as a result the team would need to keep 30-35 players out of the spring match on April 24th.

“That’s exactly what happened at that time,” Spavital said at the time. “As you know, I’m sorry for some of these. The COVID protocol and where it’s located is probably a bit tougher than this season’s.”

The team may find some relief from the weekly grind of this season’s illness test — but only if they receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sunbelt Commissioner Keith Gill said on Football Media Day at the conference in New Orleans that the league does not mandate vaccinations for the program, but that the school is “as strong as possible” to fund Sunbelt. I would like to encourage them under such conditions. ” By taking a shot, the belt guidelines again.

“COVID-19 remains a challenge and asks all of us to play our part in eliminating the threat,” Gil said. “I know that talking about masks, social distance, and other COVID-19 protocols is something we want to put off, but we can’t. We must remain vigilant. ..

“The public health crisis caused by COVID-19 is not over and the dangers are real. Delta variants can worries me and disrupt the 2021 football season. Student athletes and coaches We recommend that everyone, including, be vaccinated so that COVID and this health crisis can be immediately put into the back mirror. “

Gil said there are two main differences in this year’s COVID-19 protocol. First, unvaccinated athletes, coaches and other staff are subject to regular inspections throughout the year. But those who are shot do not.

Second, Sun Belt does not change the schedule of the game and does not declare no contest. If the team is unable to play in the conference game on the scheduled date, the team will lose the match. This is the loss that counts in the ranking record.

“Fully vaccinated programs and teams have a competitive advantage,” Gil said.

Spavital said he doesn’t know the exact percentage of Texas State University vaccinated players, but the team is in a good position and the number of people taking shots is said to be increasing every day. He agreed with Gil that it was important for everyone to be vaccinated and said he wanted everyone on the team to have as much knowledge as possible.

“We have vaccines available to all children. And we have a lot of educational classes, a lot of doctors come in and a lot of dialogue in our program. Our admins do an incredible job, “says Spavital. “Our athletic trainer was the first team to finish the season without any problems last season. We listen to the opinions of medical professionals as much as possible. We are in the best possible position. Student athlete. “

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