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Suspect in deadly shooting in Reedley appears in court

Reedley, CA (KFSN)-Six weeks after Missouri police disappeared after a deadly shooting in Reedley, David Sedeno was in court in Fresno County on Wednesday.

Sedeno’s arrest has also been postponed so that he can clear the quarantine after the delivery of Sedeno.

“We pleaded not guilty, denied prior or strengthening, and demanded discovery,” says counsel Steve Smith.

Sedeno has been accused of shooting and killing Elizandrodias Jr. on April 13. Diaz was absent from work when he stopped by Oaks Minimart for a light meal.

Relation: Police say the man was shot dead after a discussion in Reedley

Just before the gun violence, a store security camera caught them in a verbal discussion.

According to police, Sedeno got into the car and followed Diaz back to the Bravante-produced parking lot.

According to investigators, Sedeno then fired multiple times, attacking Diaz at the bottom of the fuselage.

Diaz was taken to a local hospital and later sentenced to death.

“In such a serious case, it will take some time to put together all the investigations, forensics, witness statements, and bodycam footage,” Smith said. “There is a lot of evidence to accumulate as we begin developing defenses.”

Smith is still reviewing the evidence, but has not ruled out the possibility of trying to resolve the case before reaching trial.

“In this type of case, the district attorney’s office is less likely to offer a solution,” he said. “We develop the theory, find evidence and present it to the district attorney’s office to begin this process.”

Investigators believe the shooting was related to the gang, claiming that both Sedeno and Diaz had gang ties.

Sedeno will return to court on August 11.

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