West Virginia Governor Jim Justice
West Virginia Governor Jim Justice Says No To Vaccine Mandate For School Kids

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice Talks About Biden Administration Rejecting Request For More Monoclonal Antibodies

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice requested the Biden administration for an increase in the supply of monoclonal antibodies. The treatment with monoclonal antibodies has proven to be effective in treating COVID patients who are hospitalized. However, his request was rejected by the administration. When asked about it, he did not blame Biden for it but pointed out the scarcity in supply of monoclonal antibodies. Moreover, Justice said, “We’re concerned. We weren’t denied. It was just lowered. But, with all that, the reality is the supply. The Southern states just gobbled up all the supply and everything. And, again, the Biden administration is standing there holding the bag. We need more antibodies here, but we’re managing it.”

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice
Source: Financial Times

Jim Justice Not In Favor Of California’s Vaccine Mandate For Students

California has issued a vaccine mandate for school kids but Justice is not in favor of this move. He made it clear that no such measure will be taken in his state as he believes in giving the freedom of choice to parents and students. Furthermore, he said, “I truly believe that the mandates only divide us and only divide us more. From the standpoint of mandates, I don’t believe in imposing upon our freedoms over and over and over. And I’ve said that over. I don’t know how many times I’ve got to say it.”

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice
Governor Jim Justice Says West Virginia Not Under Crisis Against COVID-19

Governor Jim Justice Thinks West Virginia Is Doing Great Against COVID-19

Governor Jim Justice appeared on Face the Nation on Sunday and he was asked some tough questions regarding the COVID situation in West Virginia. The vaccination rate in West Virginia is not very impressive and Governor Justice is finding trouble in getting the remaining people vaccinated. However, when asked about the COVID situation, the Governor tried to paint a picture that all is fine. Moreover, he said, “We’re a long ways from being in crisis in West Virginia.┬áIf you look at our death rate compared to the national average, we’re still below the national average with our death rate. We got out of the gate right — and vaccinated our people.”

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice
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Governor Jim Justice Complains About Delay In Booster Shots

Justice thinks West Virginia got out of the pandemic so early that by the time the booster shots came, it was already late as the cases started rising again. He is of the opinion that West Virginia is managing the pandemic fantastically without any problem. Furthermore, he said, “West Virginia is managing it absolutely great, and in every way, from the standpoint of getting out first and vaccinating our people first in West Virginia. We wish that the boosters would have come along sooner, because we got out so early that, really and truly, we were at the six- month situation way before.”

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice
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West Virginia Is Not In Crisis, Says Justice

Justice strongly objected to the phrasing that his state is in crisis when it comes to COVID. As per him, West Virginia is doing just fine. He said, “On Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week, we will have given and administered every single one of our Pfizer vaccines to every nursing home we have in this state. To say West Virginia is in a crisis is wrong. That’s just all there is to it.”