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Taylor Swift Cancels Her Lover Album Tour Due To The ‘Unprecedented Pandemic’ !



Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Cancels Her Lover Fest Tour

Taylor Swift is one of those people who have put their time in lockdown to the best use possible. Moreover, she released two albums in 2020 and received great reviews on them. However, her diehard fans were hoping to hear her live on concerts and tours. She had previously postponed the tour of her album Lover. However, now she has canceled it due to the pandemic. Furthermore, she said, “I’m so sorry, but I cannot reschedule the shows that we’ve postponed. Although refunds have been available since we first postponed the Lover Fest shows, many of you hung onto your tickets and I too hung onto the idea that we could reschedule.”

Taylor Swift

Source: People

Taylor Swift Is Sad About Canceling Her Tour

Taylor has a great deal of respect and love for her fans. Hence, when she canceled her tour, she said it with a heavy heart. Moreover, she is truly sad that she has to cancel her tour. She said, “I love coming on here to tell you good news, or to share a new project with you. It’s not my favorite thing in the world to have to tell you the news I’m sad about.”

Taylor Swift Is Not Sure How The Touring Would Look Like In Future

Taylor postponed the tour due to the pandemic hoping to resume it after the pandemic. However, her plans did not succeed as the pandemic is still going on. Moreover, she said, “This is an unprecedented pandemic that has changed everyone’s plans and no one knows what the touring landscape is going to look like in the near future.”

Taylor Swift

Source: Instagram

Taylor Is Disappointed And Misses Her Fans

Taylor is disappointed about canceling the tour but sent her wishes to her fans. Moreover, she said, “I’m so disappointed that I won’t be able to see you in person as soon as I wanted to. I miss you terribly and can’t wait til we can all safely be at shows together again.”

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