Taylor Swift Pours Her Heart Out For Song Lover!

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift Explain Lover

Taylor Swift Pours Her Heart Out For Song Lover!: Taylor Swift’s Lover made a buzz in 2019 and loved by fans all around. One of her best till date. She is one of the most loved singers in recent times and never fails to give the best out of every song. Taylor Swift recently talks about her 2019 biggest hit Lover song from the same-named album.

Swift was all her for the song Lover. She pours her emotion about how she creates a lover with the greatest of her love. The song which made everyone’s eyes moist at least for once is all about her love for boyfriend Joe Alwyn. The song is really near to her heart as she wrote it about the bond and the love she shared with her boyfriend.

The melody singer mostly sang lots about heartache, but Lover most probably her only song which talks about the bond between two people irrespective of the differences they have. They way they decide to spend the rest of their like together coming from two different poles and stay with all love and care.

Lover Is All About Bonding

The song was all about the process of being in love and staying together, instead learn to stay together. Taylor revealed she had a bad past and knowing all if a person accepts you are the blessing, and she is grateful to her boyfriend. Though she did not take the name of Joe Alwyn, her explanation says it all.

Getting someone as a partner who has all your heart and ready to share all your hurt past is rare, and Taylor is lucky to found that kind of love from Joe. Lover was not like all her other songs, and it carries a special place in her life. She explains every bit of her passion in the music.

Taylor Swift Talks About Her Favorite Lyrics

Taylor also revealed her favourite lyrics from the song that is:

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand, with every guitar string scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover.’

Taylor Swift
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She also explains why the lines are the nearest to him. After lots of heartbreaks and sadden past if someone needs to choose you, they have to choose you with all of your histories. And that’s how the love should grow for both. She was talking about the vows they had recreated in their relationship and moving forward with all their heart for each other.

Great Indeed!

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