Before, basic computer skills and a phone were all small business owners needed to keep up with day-to-day business operations. As a modern entrepreneur, you must expand your knowledge of tech solutions to market and organize your business and communicate with customers effectively.

It’s easier than ever to learn how to use innovative hardware and software. Learning a few solutions makes you more self-reliant, opens new business opportunities, and helps you save time. Here are six tech solutions every small business owner should know.

1. Mobile Payment Processing

Modern customers have more payment options than ever before. Make it easy for them to pay by familiarizing yourself with mobile payment processing solutions like PayPal, Google Pay, and Venmo. 

While learning the benefits and features of different payment solutions, check that you have the right hardware and software to make the most of mobile payments. For instance, you may need an LTE modem for quick, efficient payment processing. If so, trust your needs to modem providers, like Cradlepoint, who manufacture LTE solutions specifically for business owners.

2. Basic HTML Coding

While HTML coding may seem intimidating, you can feel like a coding pro after a few introductory lessons. Once you learn the basics of HTML coding, you have the power to change images, text, links, and almost everything else on your business site and blog.

Even though content management systems like WordPress have HTML editors, it’s great to know the fundamentals. That way, you can quickly change and fix your site without hiring someone.

3. Google Analytics

After spending time and money on search engine optimization, your business site, and its content, you likely want to know whether your investment’s paying off. One of the most popular and best analytics tools for small business owners is Google Analytics.

Analytics tools let you see how much time visitors spend on individual site pages, which social media platforms refer visitors to your site, and how many site visitors you get. With this information, you have a better understanding of what works well on your site and what to adjust on your site to increase traffic.

4. Project Management Software

Small business owners switch roles daily at the drop of a hat. Keep all your projects in order with project management software. These tools help you keep track of deadlines, review completed projects, and divide projects into separate tasks. If you collaborate with stakeholders, employees, or clients on projects, project management software is a must.

5. Social Media Communication

You may already use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with your customers, but are you using those platforms effectively? Social media is great for promoting your services and products, but it’s also perfect for creating an online community with your target audience and customers. 

Look for opportunities to have conversations on social media. For instance, you can engage followers with product and service infographics to help them understand special features. You can also use social media to let followers know when you publish new content, such as a new blog post.

6. SEO

More and more small business owners are learning how to harness the power of search engine optimization. By optimizing your site, you help it climb search engine rankings and make it easier for your target audience to find your product or service.

Start small with SEO by familiarizing yourself with basic concepts like meta tags, backlinks, and keyword density. You can take a quick SEO seminar designed specifically for small business owners for a deeper understanding of SEO. After a few crash courses and seminars, you may feel confident about optimizing your site yourself to enjoy greater success.

With a few tech skills in your toolbelt, you can grow your business in unimaginable ways. Use software and hardware to get ahead and stay ahead of the curve.

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