Texas Governor Greg Abbott And GOP Governors Criticize Biden For Border Policies

Biden’s open border policies have become a big problem as immigrants are pouring themselves in from the border. People from outside have started overfilling the centers for illegal immigrants. Texas and Arizona is experiencing a massive influx of immigrants due to Biden’s border policies. Nine GOP governors came to Texas to meet Governor Abbott and discuss the policies of Biden. The governors visited the border and then criticized Biden for the crisis. Furthermore, Abbott said, “The Biden Administration’s open border policies have led to complete chaos at the southern border, and pose a threat to the safety of Texans and all Americans.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Source: KFOX

Texas Stepped Up To Keep Communities Safe, Says Texas Governor Greg Abbott

After Biden refused to change his policies, Abbott decided to protect the border with National Guards. He also urged other Republican Governors to assist him by sending some of their troops. Furthermore, Abbott said, “Texas has stepped up to keep our communities safe and mitigate this crisis ourselves, and our efforts have been made stronger by the support and assistance of governors from across the nation.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Source: NBC

Abbott Thanks Other Governors For Helping Texas

Abbott thanked other Governors for voluntarily sending their troops and safeguarding the border in Texas. He said, “I thank the state governors who are here with me today for their support and for visiting the border to see firsthand the ramifications of President Biden’s disastrous policies. Together, we are sending a strong message to the Biden Administration that we will not tolerate their refusal to secure the border — and we will continue to do whatever it takes to keep our communities safe.”

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