Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reaches Del Rio To Address Border Crisis

The city of Del Rio in Texas is currently facing a crisis as a wave of migrants has reached US soil after crossing the border from Mexico. As many as 8600 people are under the Del Rio International Bridge as of now waiting to find a new life in the US. People have crossed the border following the open border policies from Biden. Texas Governor Greg Abbott reached Del Rio and fired shots at Biden for the crisis. Moreover, he said, “It has been the State of Texas that had to step up and address this challenge and work with the local mayor, the local county judge, and the local sheriff to accomplish several things.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Source: KFOX

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Creates Steel Barrier To Prevent Crossing Of Border

Governor Abbott has approved the parking of police vehicles at the border to prevent people from crossing the border. The barrier made out of cars will stretch for miles. Abbott said, “You can see by all of the Texas Department of Public Safety cars, as well as the National Guard vehicles that surround us here, but go for miles on either side of where are right now, they have created a steel barrier, preventing people from being able to cross the border.” Abbott has made it clear that people crossing the border illegally will be arrested and sent to jail.

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