Texas Governor Greg Abbott Criticizes Biden For Border Crisis At Del Rio

Texas Governor Greg Abbott doesn’t leave any chance to criticize Biden. He has been very critical of the open border policies adopted by Joe Biden. The policies have attracted people many people from outside the US and there is a crisis at the border including cities like Del Rio. Abbott criticized the Biden administration for the crisis and the open border policies. Moreover, he said, “When you have an administration that is not enforcing the law in this country when you have an administration that is abandoning any pretense of securing the border and securing our sovereignty, you see the onrush of people like what we saw walking across this dam that is right behind me.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Source: Texas Monthly

Greg Abbott Talks About State Efforts To Solve The Border Crisis

Abbott has no expectations from Biden and has taken it upon himself to solve the border in his state. He has deployed National Guards to prevent the entry of people from the Mexico border. Furthermore, Abbott said, “You can see by all of the Texas Department of Public Safety cars, as well as the National Guard vehicles that surround us here but go for miles on either side of where are right now, they have created a steel barrier, preventing people from being able to cross the border.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Source: NBC

Greg Abbott Applies Arrest-And-Jail Policy For People Crossing The Border

Abbott has decided to take the opposite route of Biden and jail people who cross the border illegally. He wants to send a message to those who are thinking of crossing the border illegally. He said, “If they’re thinking about coming and crossing this river here in Texas, you may wind up with handcuffs on your hands going straight to jail, as opposed to being released to the general population.”

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