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The Former Direction Stars Nial And Liam Claim That Having Harvey Weinstein In The Music Video Was A Big Regret.



In a recent interview,  Liam Payne has mentioned that one of the biggest regrets in his life is the fact that he mentioned and cast Harvey Weinstein in his most viewed video. fans at first were very confused about what he was talking. Later they realise that Liam Payne was talking about casting Harvey Weinstein character. In the music video all the five direction stars have acted as a particular character. However, Niall has acted as Harvey Weinstein who is a convicting rapist. And hence putting him in the music video is a regret not just for him but for the entire team. Check out everything you need to know about it.


For those of you who don’t know best song ever is the most viral song of one direction. It is the most love and appreciated song as it hit more than 700 million views on YouTube breaking several records. It was their highest hit in terms of views and likes. However the direction stars have been in the headlines a lot recently and have talked about their experiences, memories and regrets. Moreover, Liam Payne has a lot to say about it.

The Big Regret

Liam Payne has recently confirmed that he regrets casting Harvey Weinstein who is the convicting rapist. In the particular music video all the four iconic singers have played a role in which Niall acted as Harvey Weinstein. But now when the direction stars look back they don’t appreciate this particular character that they have casted in their most famous music video.

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The Music video was released in 2013 and received immense amount of love and support from people all around the world. The music is famous for its amazing song but also for the cast in the story they portrayed in the music video. The storyline was very unique and that is what fans found hilarious and amazing at the same time. But that is not all there were few things that the direction star went look back regret now.

The Most Loved Music Video

In the music video all the four directions stars have chosen a character that they have acted. Niall Horan has acted as “Harvey, the Studio Exec,” Harry Styles as “Marcel the marketing guy”, Liam Payne as “Leeroy the choreographer”, Louis Tomlinson as “Jonny, the Studio Exec” and former bandmate Zayn Malik as “the sexy assistant”. Even though fans found it very interesting it is very bizarre to cast a character who is a convicting rapist and sexual abuse guilty.


For those of you who don’t know Harvey Weinstein is an American film producer who is also a sexual offender and rapist. He abused and raped several women. Harvey has many criminal cases against him. And showcasing him as a charter in a music video and casting him wasn’t their best decision.


when Liam Payne‘s video clip of sharing his regret went viral fans kind of agreed with him as they believed the same. Moreover, the other direction stars think the same as Harvey Weinstein shouldn’t have been there in the music video.


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