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The Humming Of Golden Gate Bridge Continues To Haunt San Francisco !

Golden Gate Bridge Hum Creates Disturbance For People Of San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge has become a matter of concern for San Francisco. What is ideally the pride of the city has now become a nuisance. The bridge makes loud hums during strong winds. This happened after the thinner railing slats were installed on the bridge. It was done to provide additional support to the bridge during strong wind. In June 2020, people started complaining about the noise. Recently, one person said, “It sounded like a noise I could imagine jailers using to torture prisoners.” The humming sound is heard even by people who are miles away from the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge
Source: Hackaday

Engineers Find The Cause Of The Sound Behind Golden Gate Bridge

After receiving complaints from people, the engineers behind the renovation investigated the problem. As per them, the problem has come after the installation of the thinner railing slats. The team of engineers is working on the problem to come up with a solution. The spokesperson of the bridge said, “After studying this phenomenon extensively, we’ve determined that the sound comes from new and more aerodynamic railing that we installed on the west sidewalk. It was part of a Golden Gate Bridge retrofit designed to protect the bridge for future generations by allowing it to withstand sustained high winds up to 100mph.”

Golden Gate Bridge
Source: Hackaday

Engineers To Come Up With A Solution Very Soon For Golden Gate Bridge Problem

The company spokesperson revealed that a solution would be shared by this summer. Furthermore, he said, “We’ll be sharing more information about a possible solution this summer. We understand that some of those who live close to the bridge have tended to find it distressing. We want to be good neighbors. So hopefully, we’ll be soothing our neighbor’s ears with a solution.” People will have to bear the sound till then.

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