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The Weeknd Bashed By Fans For Mocking Ex-Girlfriend Bella Hadid. Check Out The Deatils!



What is happening? Did The Weeknd just mock Bella Hadid for the way she looks after plastic surgery? Recently the famous iconic musician uploaded a picture of himself from his new song in music video. However the picture is what has caused so much chaos as he looks completely different, full of photo shop and surgeries. Fans believe that he is trying to copy his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid and is trying to mock her. Moreover, fans have started a d making memes of the two look similar and stuff. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Recently the Weeknd’s fans have been questioning him about his viral picture in which she looks very different which fans find weird. Moreover he looks like he has gone under several cosmetic and plastic surgeries. The musician’s lips look bigger and fuller, eyebrows look lifted, cheeks lifted. And that is not all even his cheekbones look sharp along with their jawline. And that is nothing like he usually looks friends are wondering how is it possible for him to look like that all of a sudden.

How Does The Weeknd Look Like Bella Hadid?

Bella Hadid is gone under similar surgeries where now she has lifted eyebrows, sharp cheek bone and jaw. In fact it is even claimed that she gets her lips done using lip filler. Moreover, pictures of both of them side-by-side looking similar with similar features are going viral. Fans are accusing Weeknd of copying his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid and trying to look like her.

Picture via Instagram.

this week the US singer uploaded a picture of himself from his new music video and song named save your tears. The picture received a lot of attention from people all around the world not because of his upcoming song but because of the way his face looked. When he uploaded the picture his fan base were shocked to see the dramatic change in his taste and the way it looked. At first fans even believe that the picture is photo shopped or something.

The Freaky Picture

Even freaky footage of the 30-year-old went viral In which he looked bizarre as his lips look plumped, check lifted, eyebrows lifted and more. he’s suddenly been compare to his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid who has similar features. Friends find it very weird specially the way he looks in the picture is very different from his normal face. Even though he is looking for a picture of fans are confused as if he has gone under a surgery or what it is.


Soon after the pictures were uploaded on the social media platforms by the iconic singer fans went crazy about it. Not even 24 hours that the picture started becoming Memes and fans started making fun of him. Fans even started making means of him and his girlfriend Bella Hadid and started claiming that has copied her look. In fact some people even think that he is trying to mock his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid which is whatsoever not cool. Bella Hadid fans have trolled him for doing so and smoking Bella.


Neither the musician nor the supermodel has responded to the chaos yet but since it is creating a lot of mess on the internet they might just respond soon. What do you think about it?


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