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Tik-Toker Ava Louis Claims She Accused Jeffree Star And Kanye West Of Having An Affair Because She Was Bored.



Since the Jeffrey Star and Kanye West issue has been creating a lot of chaos recently. The girl who accused Jeffrey Star in the first place in her tik-tok video came up with the reason why she did it. Ava Louis, admits of making the video where she is accusing Kanye West and Jeffrey Star for allegedly having an affair and cheating on Kim Kardashian. But after Jeffrey Star made a YouTube video and explained everything Ava claimed that she made the video only because she was bored. Fans are just shocked as she made a lot of chaos all over the internet out of boredom. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Ava is known for her sleek you are notorious Tik Tok videos Including Coronavirus challenges and more. Recently she uploaded a video accusing Jeffrey Star and Kanye West of allegedly having an affair. Moreover, she even claimed that this is the reason why Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kanye West. The girl made a lot of assumptions and claims about Kim Kardashian Kanye West and Jeffrey Star. Soon after the video was uploaded it blew up on the internet.

The Viral Video

The video went viral as it received millions of views and likes in less than 24 hours. Thousands and thousands of people started believing the rumours and accusations against the stars. People started commenting on the post and started sharing it on other social media platform which created more of a chaos. The thing became such a big of a deal that people actually thought carnivorous was cheating on Kim Kardashian with Jeffrey Star. Clips of videos from Jeffrey stars past consort and hanging out around went viral with people linking up him and Kanye West.

Picture via Twitter.

News outlets, articles, videos and accusations started showering on Jeffrey Star and Kanye West for allegedly having an affair and cheating on Kim Kardashian. But Jeffrey Star didn’t take it and called the tik-toker back. Jeffrey Star made a 20+ minute long video and explained everything. Jeffrey even claimed that she has never met Kanye West in his life. He jokingly even said that he likes tall men.

Jeffree Star Explains

He called the news outlets and everyone out by claiming that all the allegations against him is false. And people are just bothering him by doing all this out of nothing. Moreover fans were confuse why did it start in the first place. Recently Ava explained why she made that particular video and the reason behind it. And let me tell you guys the reason will amaze you guys more than the rumours did.


Ava accepted that everything she said in the video was false and did not have one bit of truth. She claimed that she did it to have fun as she was bored and she had no idea that the video would blow up. she explain the whole scenario and claimed that everything said in the video was false and she apologise Jeffrey Star Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for all the allegations she made about them. She claimed that she did it out of boredom. Fans are not very happy about her statement as it could ruin somebody’s image.


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