Tim Norman Was Behind The Murder Of His Own Nephew Andre

Tim Norman

Tim Norman Killed Andre

Tim Norman Hired a stripper to kill Andre. It was the incident of 2016. Andre is the grandson of famous Robbie Montgomery, better known as Miss Robbie. He found dead in his place. He was shot in the head by a gun.

The special forces were in the investigation for many days now. And finally, they could get deep into the case and track the murderer. Well, the murderer is a family person and Anders’s uncle Tim Norman. The motive behind the murder could be the property or money.

After the shocking incident, Tim Norman’s family is minor trauma, and they are guessing her mother could be her next target as Tim has Million dollar insurance on his name. It was a full-proof plan, and Tim was planning for many days for the alleged murder.

Tim Norman hired a professional stripper to kill his nephew and paid a considerable amount to that person. Terica Ellis was the stripper who planned with Norman to get the plan to succeed.

He Hired Stripper

Both did the plan, and they had several calls with each other before the incident took place over a temporary cell phone. Investigators could trace the phone and also able to locate the shop they bought the phone from.

Tim Norman

According to the report, Terica Ellis made a phone call with Andre from the temporary phone and lured him to come outside. As soon as he was there, Terica did not miss the chance to shoot him at gunpoint.

Tim Is Behind The Bar

It was all unknown till now until investigators found out all the evidence against Tim Norman and Terica Ellis. They both have been arrested and put behind bars. The allegation was made on a murder case and also brag the $450k life insurance policy of Andre.

Indeed a shocking incident! Along with them Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam a music producer also arrested for fraud mail and wire. Tim Charged with several allegations.

A family person revealed that Tim was in debt of million dollars, and he could have the plan to kill his mother if he was not arrested. She urges people to keep the family in their prayers.

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