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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on July 22, 2021. There’s a lot of news today, but there’s a notable twist. Usually we have a lot of startup news and some notes from big tech companies. I have a lot from both today, so I’ll fasten the straps.

Also, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg confused.. TechCrunch covers the future world of micromobility, proper mobility, and transit, so I have a few questions for men. — — Alex

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Gopuff is rising again: TechCrunch today announced the news that SoftBank-backed shipping company Gopuff is raising more money. According to our sources, the valuation is about $ 15 billion, which is $ 1 billion. Axios confirmed the news. Potential financing is triggered by the large amount of funding raised for instant delivery groceries around the world.
  • Canada’s venture capital market is hotter than the sun: TechCrunch’s survey of global, US, Indian, European and Latin American startup markets continued today in North America. Canadian start-ups have been found to enjoy one hell a year when it comes to landing large-scale venture rounds.
  • The internet is down. The reason is as follows. Akamai’s DNS system smashed into potholes today, destroying a significant portion of the Internet.Many things broke, including the Couchbase website, when your humble servant was preparing to chat with the CEO about a recent IPO (details). Here). Things are back to normal now, but keep in mind that the internet is not a series of tubes. This is a series of leaky tubes held together with duct tape.

Startup / VC

Let’s talk about startups. Today we have everything from passwordless technology to new venture funds and robotics summaries.But if you need more, here’s Graylock’s Mike Duboe explains how to define growth and build a team..

  • Mindtech will raise $ 3.25 million for synthetic human watching. No, that’s what it does. The UK-based service wants to train CCTV cameras with digital humans to save customers from privacy issues. Is this one of the times when venture capital dollars actually seem to be flowing into a bit of a wild idea?
  • Sendlane wants you to spend more money: Sendlane is currently raising $ 20 million in new capital and wants to help its customers use the data. their Customers to keep shoppers loyal and help them spend more. I call this a bit creepy, but then I sound like Luddite.
  • All Raise launches a virtual boot camp for women and non-binary founders. As venture financing competes to new heights, it doesn’t land equally everywhere. In fact, some data sources show that VCs are actually losing diversity this year. All Raise wants to help it by helping more founders than people. Similar to me Raise funds. good.
  • Magic raises $ 27 million to get rid of passwords: Magic is a lifelong startup that lives up to its name and has raised huge sums of money to pursue a vision for the future that doesn’t focus on passwords. With that technology, developers can “implement a variety of passwordless authentication methods with just a few lines of code,” TechCrunch reports.
  • What are five-letter names and names over $ 3 billion? Sadly, it’s neither you nor me. It’s an index! Venture capital firms have put together a new fund worth just under $ 3 billion. That’s a lot more than the money raised. one year ago.. Hot Startup Summer is made possible by the Hot Zero Interest Rate Policy Decade. This will help drive the Hot Bored Cash Season and help all venture capital firms raise enough money to put the GP to sleep. pleasant!

And for your robotics enthusiasts out there, TechCrunch A new digest from the industry here.. pleasant!

Last mile delivery in Latin America is ready to take off

Thanks to its vast fulfillment center, seamless logistics network, and ubiquitous internet access, consumers in many regions order groceries and new utensils at breakfast, making it reasonable for everything to arrive in time for dinner. You can expect it.

In Latin America, the lack of technology infrastructure simplifies delivery operations. Products are delivered from the retailer’s loading dock to the customer’s front door, but these supply chains are often managed with spreadsheets, paper, and pens.

Bob Ma, an investor at WIND Ventures, said the algorithms for managing delivery routes and automatically dispatching drivers are “almost unprecedented in the Latin American retail logistics sector.”

But thanks to rising consumer demand and increased investment in last-mile delivery startups, Ma says the region is at a turning point.

With Latin America’s middle class growing 50% over the last decade and e-commerce accounting for only 6% of total retail, several unicorns have emerged in recent years, and more are waiting.

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Big Tech Co., Ltd.

Let’s start with traffic news and talk about the rest of Big Tech.

Daily Crunch asks TechCrunch’s transportation guru and generally star Kirsten Korosec why there was so much news from her beat today. “I don’t know why. Just stop,” she joked. “So many automakers have promised to move to all power lines, so how they ensure battery capacity and other raw materials.”

The news is as follows:

  • Rivian turns to the second factory: Rivian, an EV company whose production has been delayed, is planning the future in the form of another factory. The company admitted that it was looking for a second plant. Our reading? This electric car isn’t slowing down.
  • by the way, Tesla Procures Nickel Directly From Commodity Production Giant BHP.. If the market develops as expected, it will be the raw material hunger game needed for electric vehicles. Tesla wants to make sure there are no shortages of supplies.
  • How much demand are you talking about? Good, Mercedes plans to build eight — 8! — Battery plant.. Now that I’ve read the news, the idea makes sense, but we’re still standing up and thinking about what it means. The era of internal combustion engines is nearing its end.
  • Uber will buy Transplace for $ 2.25 billion. To conclude the devastation of mobility, Uber is moving with checkbooks, this time with the acquisition of digital logistics company Transplace for billions of dollars. This effort meets Uber’s desire for larger cargo. The company said it intends to achieve adjusted profitability this year.
  • in the meantime, Waymo announced that it will open an office in Pittsburgh, It will certainly put even more pressure on the already competitive recruitment process.

And from the world of other giant tech companies:

  • Spotify and Giphy team up: Well, do you need a GIF for your music player? If so, good news. “A new partnership with the online GIF database GIPHY has made it possible to discover new music through GIF,” Spotify said. It’s cool?
  • Microsoft buys Cloud Knox: Microsoft’s commitment to providing cash returns to all cybersecurity-focused venture capitalists continues today, with Redmond-based software giants acquiring CloudKnox.It’s the 4th deal this year For small cybersecurity-focused startups from Microsoft.
  • Visa buys Currency cloud: Visa may still be suffering slightly because it can’t buy FinTech API provider Plaid, and is busy buying other companies. This time is Currency cloud. Other Fintech API. Joking aside, the transaction brings SME remittance and currency remittance technology to Visa for just under $ 1 billion.

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