Traditional Schooling System Is Something Jaden And Willow Are Not Into Much!

Jaden and Willow
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Jaden And Willow On School Education

Jaden and Willow while talking about their dream project in an interview revealed other many aspects and beliefs of their life. They discussed the handle of celebrity children to the school system they are not into that much.

Jaden and Will are the famous children of famous parent Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. One of the best parents in the tinsel town. They raise their children with every bit of independence, and they are allowed to make their mind.

And the parenting technique goes so well, and all of them grown so mature and well, that makes them the best parents. Jaden and Willow recently shared their lives and experiences in an interview. And there they also talk about their liking for school and colleges.

Both Want To Attend College And Get A Degree

On asking about whether they want to go to school or not, Jaden replied he wants to go to school and complete his degree. But he is not sure when. While Willow also replied positively but she is not going according to any plan.

Willow says she love sciences and science subject attracts her. She learned physics in school and want to learn more about the subject as Physics is the mother of all topics. All the time she read about Physics, and she will join college someday to learn physics.

Jaden expresses his thought on schools, and he thinks schools are not authentic. Mostly because the subjects being taught in schools hardly helps in real life. For instance, he said people do learn from driving schools. And if it worked then why there were so many accidents every day.

Learning Can’t Be Restricted To School.

According to Jaden, school is never real because learning is a continuous process. People learn all their life, and there can not be an end to learning. On the other hand, Willow revealed how school depressed her. She never felt bad about it instead is the best and the worst experience of her life. Best because she gets to know why people are a school depressed and worst because she was depressed.

Jaden and Willow
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Jaden and Willow both do not think school is a request, and people can learn a lot without going to school. They were brought up in a healthy environment and never forced to go to school. Jaden and Willow were currently working together on a project, and it is their dream project.

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