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Trump Supporters Mob Capitol. 4 Women Dies, Several Injured Police Claimed!



Donald Trump

This is worse than a nightmare for the Americans. Thousands of Trump supporters have gathered at the Capitol and have mobbed the entire area. Trump recently tweeted asking his fans to go near the White House and get while hinting towards violence. And that is exactly what happened since Trump supporters move the area and created ruckus. Several people died in the incident. It seems like Trump is having a hard time except he’s lost to President Joe Biden. check out everything you need to know about it.


On Wednesday hundreds of Trump supporters gathered at the Capitol in Washington DC. Trump supported started to mob the entire area and have started to create violence all around. The police of the area have claimed that several people have died during the shooting and some are even injured. Things are going out of control just as Trump asked to. Rights have been taking place all around America during the COVID-19 pandemic which makes it the worst.

Donald Trump Creates The Chaos

It all started with Donald Trump tweeting several hate comments. He made three terrible tweets that disturb many Americans And Disrespected the government of America. Moreover, Donald Trump can just not accept he’s lost in the elections to Joe Biden. And hence have requested his fans and supporters to gather near the White House and rally. And it has resulted into something very was since he is Anthony supporters have just moved to the Capitol. things have gone out of control to a limit where people are dying.

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Around thousands of people have gathered any other White House to rally and to mom which has resulted in not following the COVID-19 guidelines. Trump has even talked about a fraud which is fake or allegation against the representative of the country. Moreover social media accounts are spreading the misinformation and the lies which is influencing people more and more. Specially trump supporter who are going crazy about it and have started to mom the area.

Trump Supporters Get Crazy

Things got worse when Trump made a tweet asking his fans to get crazy and while near the White House. He made a tweet saying that he won’t his Photos together any other white house and be as widely as possible. And that is what happened on Wednesday thousands of his fans gathered and created a ruckus over there. Which even resulted in four of Trump supporter getting shot.


Soon after the tweet were going viral over the internet and influencing more and more people the social media platforms started taking accountability for it. With Twitter freezing Trump‘s account and warning him to not make such a hateful hateful comments otherwise, he’s account will be suspended. However, later on, the tweets were deleted but it was too late to handle things out since already the riots and rallies were taking place. what do you think about it?


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