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Twitter Permanently Banned Former President Donald Trump’s Account.



Twitter has now permanently removed Donald Trump‘s Twitter account and have banned it forever. This was something very unexpected but for the good. Donald Trump has been creating a lot of chaos lately and has been the reason for deaths, injuries and violence. He has been using his power of social media to influence his supporters and people in the wrong way. While he was using Twitter to spread hate and violent act, Twitter and other social media platforms want him and suspended his account for a day. But Donald Trump didn’t seem to stop and continue doing the same. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Talking about the horrific incident that has been happened this week. It was unnecessary, chaotic and calls by one person Donald Trump. Donald Trump had a hard time accepting the fact that he has lost the presidential race to Joe Biden. And hence he was creating all the chaos. On Twitter, he asked his fans to gather near the White House and rally on Wednesday. And that is not all because he also asked his fans to get wild there.

The Violent Act By Trump

Trump made several tweets that influence his followers in a very wrong manner. He provoked his supporters to go and fight outside the White House for him. He even made several allegations against the President and the government of the country. Calling everyone fraud and that he is the real winner and president of America. While celebrity feels poor for the American countryman who still believes Trump. He didn’t seem to stop at all.


Moreover, after thousands and thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered outside the White House and started their violent act. Trump continued to support all of them by making several other tweets. Thousands and thousands of people started fighting shooting firing and whatnot. However, the police tried to take the whole scenario under control but failed to in the first place. Later when firing was done four of Trump supporters died in the incident.

The Deadly Act

More than 50 people were sent behind bars, hundreds of people were injured, some even died and the property was damaged all around the White House. It was one of the worst incidents that could have probably happened outside the White House. At first, when Donald Trump made the tweet Twitter warned him and suspended his account for a day.

Picture via Twitter.

However later when his Twitter account got back he misses used it once again. He once again tried to create chaos. But this time Twitter didn’t take his action and suspended his account forever. Donald Trump‘s Twitter account is officially banned permanently. People of America are very happy about the decision as he used his power several times to create chaos.


Twitter even said that Trump’s tweets contained “repeated and severe violations”. Trump has violated the rules several times. And to avoid future violation Twitter has permanently suspended the former president‘s Twitter account. What do you think about it?


Stay tuned with us for more such details for your favourite TV show celebrity.

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