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Two convicted for gang-related robbery | Breaking

A Kern County jury convicted two men in a gang-related robbery on January 30.

Vannoy Sutton and Jerry Bowen were convicted of robbery on Monday on charges of guns committed in the interests of Bloods street gangs and other gang-related guns.

According to a news release from the Kern County District Attorney’s Office, Sutton contacted a used video game seller on the LetGo app on January 30th. Sutton saw when the seller arrived at the agreed location, 130 Olive Street in a residential area, through a video game while Bowen pointed his pistol at the victim’s head and began looking for a seller.

Sutton and Bowen also searched the seller’s car and found the stolen pistol along with the video game, Release said.

Sutton and Bowen were arrested on February 15 after noticing that Bakersfield police officers were running backwards in White Lane. A short chase followed when Sutton was driven to a dead end.

According to DA, Sutton did not appear for the rest of the trial because his lawyer was closing arguments in the case where he was released after giving $ 100,000 in bail.

A bench warrant without bail was issued for Sutton’s arrest. If you have information about Sutton’s whereabouts, please call BPD (661-327-7111) or Secret Witness (661-322-4040).

“Gang-related crimes are not limited to inter-gang violence, and the consequences of gang violence are felt throughout the community,” DA Cynthia Zimmer said in a release. “Gang members often commit property and violent crimes to perpetuate a violent and victim-focused lifestyle. Enhancements to gang and gun-related crimes come at the expense of the community. It’s part of the few options left to ensure that members of the gang receive proper judgment. “

Sutton and Bowen face up to 25 years in prison.

Bowen will rule on August 13.

Sutton will make a decision based on his concerns.

Deputy district attorney Richard Choi has charged the case.

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