On Thursday, Russia warned the United States that it has the power to put the world’s most powerful superpower in its place, accusing the West of fomenting a crazy Russophobic scheme to break Russia apart.

Dmitry Medvedev, who was president from 2008 to 2012 and is now the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council, said the US had instigated “disgusting” Russophobia in order to bring Russia to its knees.

“It won’t work,” Medvedev stated. “Russia has the power to put all of our arrogant opponents in their place.”

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the US and its European and Asian allies have imposed sanctions on Russian officials, firms, and businesspeople, effectively cutting Russia off from the global economy.

President Vladimir Putin claims that the “special military operation” in Ukraine was required because the US was using Ukraine to threaten Russia, and Russia needed to defend itself against Ukraine’s “genocide” of Russian-speaking people.

Ukraine believes it is battling for its survival and dismisses Putin’s charges of genocide. Claims that the West wants to pull Russia apart are false, according to the West.

Despite sanctions, Russia claims that it can thrive in the absence of what it sees as a deceptive and decadent West led by the United States. It claims that its attempt to create links with the West following the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 has failed and that it will instead focus on developing ties with other nations such as China.

Information Source: Reuters

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